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It binds to free etanercept and to etanercept in complex with tnfα. in pediatric clinical trials, a single intravenous dose of 40 mg/ kg up to a maximum of 2 g did not result in toxicity. do not use a syringe or dosing pen if it is cracked or broken, if it is expired, or if the liquid is cloudy or contains large or colored particles. to reduce the development of drug- resistant bacteria and maintain the effectiveness of ertapenem for injection and other antibacterial drugs, ertapenem for injection should be used only to treat or prevent infections that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by susceptible bacteria. probenecid interferes with the active tubular secretion of ertapenem, resulting in increased plasma concentrations of ertapenem [ see clinical pharmacology ( 12. you also should not mix any other medications with etanercept injection. when administered intravenously, invanz should be infused over a period of 30 minutes. children should receive their recommended immunizations before treatment with etanercept. ask your doctor or pharmacist to show you or the person who will be performing the injections how to inject etanercept. when to use etanercept in patients with diabetes? ertapenem for injection is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to any component of this product or to other drugs in the same class or in patients who have demonstrated anaphylactic reactions to beta- lactams.

there are no data on the effects on the breastfed infant or the effects on milk production. choose a different site for each injection. page 3 of 6 british association of dermatologists | www. skin changes ( rash, pustules, blisters, patchy skin color, red spots, or a butterfly- shaped rash over cheeks and nose) swelling. ertapenem is used to prevent and treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. it works by blocking the action of tnf, a substance in the body that causes inflammation check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking ethambutol: less common.

see full prescribing information for. keep all appointments with your doctor and the laboratory. 2 years and ethen überlappenden atomorbitale older: - less than 63 kg: 0. energy gap between the highest occupied molecular orbital ( homo) and lowest unoccupied molecular orbital ( lumo) in butadiene is smaller than in ethylene ( ethene) addition of successive conjugated double bonds progressively narrows the gap between ethen überlappenden atomorbitale homo and lumo. starting from a statistical model of the electron, which explains spin and spin measurements in terms of a probability density distribution resulting from a rapidly changing angular momentum during an extended zitterbewegung, a light- like model of electron and fermions is formulated. 13 years or older: 1 g iv or im once a day. develop highly selective and sensitive pk and ada assays for etanercept ( enbrel) using our range of ready- made antibodies. more recently, a new version of etanercept with the brand name benepali has become available. for intravenous or intramuscular use do not mix or co- infuse ertapenem for injection with other medications. 046 g ertapenem sodium equivalent to 1 g ertapenem for intravenous infusion or for intramuscular injection.

do not inject a double dose to make up for a missed one. mulliken im jahr 1932. ein atomorbital ist in den quantenmechanischen modellen der atome die räumliche wellenfunktion eines einzelnen elektrons in einem quantenmechanischen zustand, meist in einem stationären zustand. hypersensitivity reactions. keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children. seizure potential. author information: ( 1) service de dermatologie, hôpital universitaire dupuytren, 2, avenue martin luther king, 87042 limoges cedex. comments: - glucocorticoids, nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs ( nsaids), or analgesics may be continued during treatment with this drug. this new drug is referred to as a ' bio- similar' because it' s meant to act in the same way as the original drug. etanercept should be used with caution in patients prone to infection, such as those with advanced or poorly controlled diabetes.

nach der theorie der molekülorbitale verlieren die überlappenden atomorbitale ihre form, wenn atome zu einem molekül verschmolzen werden, und zwar aufgrund der wirkung von. ertapenem for injection is a sterile, synthetic, parenteral, 1- β methyl- carbapenem that is structurally related to beta- lactam antibiotics. 9% sodium chloride injection or for intramuscular injection following reconstitution. this antibody specifically recognizes etanercept at the region of the ethen überlappenden atomorbitale fusion between p75 and the fc domain of human igg1. its molecular weight is 497. serious and occasionally fatal hypersensitivity ( anaphylactic) reactions have been reported in patients receiving therapy with beta- lactams. be careful not to drop the device onto a hard surface because this may damage the device, syringe, or needle.

interaction with valproic acid [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. serious side effects include: seizures. wenn wir zum beispiel die elektronenkonfiguration schreiben, schreiben wir als 1s 2, 2s 2, 2p 6, 3s 2. pi- bindungen sind bindungen zwischen atomen innerhalb von molekülen, wobei die elektronen oberhalb ethen überlappenden atomorbitale und unterhalb der achse liegen, die die kerne der verbundenen atome verbindet, aber nicht entlang der achse. use the buttons to display the sp 2 orbitals that make up the sigma. therapies for cidp, with demonstrated efficacy in controlled clinical. safety and effectiveness of ertapenem for injection in pediatric patients 3 months to 17 years of age are supported by evidence from adequate and well- controlled trials in adults, pharmacokinetic data in pediatric patients, and additional data from comparator- controlled trials in pediatric patients 3 months to 17 years of age [ see indications and usage ( 1.

instead, the best way to dispose of your medication is through a medicine take- back program. comments: - not studied in diabetic foot infections with concurrent osteomyelitis. about 150 nc of electrons have been trapped and accelerated for om900 microsecond( s) until the betatron field reached its maxiμm, establishing an electron layer with om80 ( alpha) of circulating current and om1. the valproic acid concentrations may drop below the therapeutic range as a result of this interaction, therefore increasing the risk of breakthrough seizures. ertapenem for injection can be removed by hemodialysis; the plasma clearance of the total fraction of ertapenem was increased 30% in subjects with end- stage renal disease when hemodialysis ( 4 hour session. es wurde zuerst von f.

- maximum dose: 1 g/ day. etanercept is in a class of medications called tumor- necrosis factor ( tnf) inhibitors. instructions for use in all patients. 258474 the standard dose of etanercept for treatment of psoriasis. before initiating therapy with ertapenem for injection, careful inqu. enthalpy of atomization, δ a h 0, is the change in enthalpy when one mole of bonds is completely broken to obtain atoms in the gas phase.

it works by stopping the growth of bacteria. you can also inject the medication in your lower stomach below your navel, except the area 2 inches ( 5 centimeters) around your navel. continue to use etanercept injection even if you feel well. inhibitory and non- inhibitory antibodies specific to etanercept p75 2. die eigenschaften von molekülorbitalen werden durch die theorie des molekülorbits erklärt. vials of etanercept injection may contain enough medication for more than one dose. antibodies specific to etanercept. store etanercept injection in the refrigerator but do not freeze.

business wire) - - amgen ( nasdaq: amgn) and pfizer inc. infusion solutions and its compatibility with coinfusion solutions was studied. this product may be used as a detection antibody in a bridging elisa to measure total etanercept very specifically. if you experience a serious side effect, you or your doctor may send a report to the food and drug administration' s ( fda) medwatch adverse event reporting program online fda. * affinity measured in the monovalent fab format1 igg4 isotype with a mutation in the core hinge region that prevents the formation of igg4 half molecules2 monovalent fab antibody dykddddk- and his- 6- tags. antibody recognizing etanercept p75- fc fusion region 3.

do not use diluents containing dextrose ( α- d- glucose). the most common side effects are: mild to moderate itching, pain, swelling and redness at the site of injection, headache, dizziness, nasal and throat. this antibody specifically recognizes etanercept at the region of the fusion of p75 with the fc portion of human igg1. atomorbitale translation in german - english reverso dictionary, see also ' atomkrieg', atomrakete', atom', automobil', examples, definition, conjugation. after that, you can inject the medication yourself at home or have a friend or relative perform the injections. about press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms ethen überlappenden atomorbitale privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators. sigma- bindungen sind bindungen zwischen atomen in molekülen, die entlang der achse gebildet werden, die die gebundenen kerne der atome verbindet.

ertapenem for injection is supplied as sterile lyophilized powder for intravenous infusion after reconstitution with appropriate diluent [ see dosage and administration ( 2. when administered intravenously, ertapenem for injection should be infused over a period of 30 minutes. thanks for watching! if someone else is giving you the injection, that person can also inject the medication into your upper arms. ertapenem for injection may be administered by intravenous infusion for up to 14 days or intramuscular injection for up to 7 days. your doctor will need to examine you on a regular basis. non- animal- derived antibodies, reducing the use of animals in science table 1. in the event of an overdose, ertapenem for injection should be discontinued and general supportive treatment given until renal elimination takes place. use " set autoloadorientation true" before loading or " restore orientation default" after loading to view this orientation. etanercept is a biologic response modifier, or biologic, indicated for the treatment of patients with chronic long- term inflammatory disorders of the skin and other systems.

1407_ 48electron trapping and acceleration have been successfully accomplished in the modified elongated betatron at uc irvine. clostridium difficile- associated diarrhea ( cdad) [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. methods: ertapenem was reconstituted with sterile water for injection and then diluted with various commercial i. see the fda' s safe disposal of medicines website gl/ c4rm4p) for more information if you do not have access to a take- back program. your doctor may order certain lab tests to check your body' s response to etanercept. although the mechanism of this interaction is unknown, data from in vitro and animal studies suggest that carbapenems may i. available data from a small number of postmarketing cases with ertapenem for injection use in pregnancy are insufficient to inform any drug- associated risks for major birth defects, miscarriage, or adverse maternal or fetal outcomes. the autotouch ® autoinjector is reusable for up to 2 years or 130 injections, whichever comes first. vials ertapenem for injection is a sterile lyophilized powder in a vial containing 1.

table 1presents treatment guidelines for ertapenem for injection. see full list on bio- rad- antibodies. zitterbewegung and the electron. it reduces disease activity and limits progressive joint damage in both early and late disease. [ etanercept: enbrel]. keep the vials, prefilled syringes, or injection devices in their original cartons to protect them from light. the detailed influence of an untrapped- electron population on the sideband instability in a helical wiggler free electron laser is investigated for small- amplitude perturbations about a constant- amplitude ( â< sup> 0< / sup> < sub> s< / sub> = const) primary electromagnetic wave with slowly varying equilibrium phase δ< sup> 0< / sup> < sub> s< / sub>. etanercept affects your immune system.

increasing the dose of valproic acid or divalproex sodium may not be sufficient to overcome this interaction. unneeded medications should be disposed of in special ways to ensure that pets, children, and other people cannot consume them. 0] hept- 2- ene- 2- carboxylic acid monosodium salt. evaluation of etanercept stability as exposed to various sugars with biophysical assessment. das betragsquadrat | ψ | 2 { \ \ displaystyle | \ \ psi | ^ { 2) ) beschreibt als dichtefunktion die räumliche. in the absence of such data, local epidemiology and susceptibility patterns may contribute to the empiric selection of therapy. etanercept is a type of drug known as a biological therapy. any re- sale in any form or any other commercial application needs a written agreement with bio- rad. enthalpy of atomization is denoted by the symbol δ ath. in animal reproduction studies after intravenous administration of ertapenem during the period of organogenesis, there was no evidence of developmental malformations in rats at systemic exposures ( auc) up to approximately 1.

pain and swelling of joints, especially big toe, ankle, or knee. prophylactic regimen in adults. adults who receive etanercept injection maybe at greater risk of developing lymphoma, leukemia ( cancer that begins in the white blood cells), skin cancer, and other types of cancer than adults who do not receive this medication. tnf alpha has an important role in the responses of the immune system to infections. call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while using this medication. a brief video describing the use of etanercept also known as enbrel for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis. if it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your usual dosing schedule. where does the antibody enbrel bind to etanercept?

if etanercept is injected into the upper arms or stomach, the skin in the area must be stretched to create a firm surface for the injection. clinical trials show etanercept is effective and safe to use in rheumatoid arthritis ( ra). intentional overdosing of ertapenem for injection is unlikely. always look at etanercept solution before injecting it. it is soluble in water and 0.

the best place to inject etanercept injection is the front of your middle thighs. in clinical trials in ethen überlappenden atomorbitale adults, inadvertent administration of three 1 g doses of ertapenem for injection in a 24 hour period resulted in diarrhea and transient dizziness in one patient. the disease may be debilitating or even fatal in some cases [ 1], [ 2]. 5% of patients during study therapy plus 14- day follow- up period [ see adverse reactions ( 6. the anti- etanercept non- inhibitory antibody binds to the p75 subunit of etanercept, but does not inhibit the binding of tnfα. intravenous administration of ertapenem for injection at a dose of 2 g over 30 min or 3 g over 1 to 2h in healthy adult volunteers resulted in an increased incidence of nausea. you may get infections more easily, even serious or fatal infections. fully human surrogate positive control or calibrator 4. how does etanercept affect the immune system of a person? 1 highlights of prescribing information these highlights do not include all the information needed to use enbrel safely and effectively. see full list on medlineplus.

talk to your doctor about the risks of receiving etanercept injection. 13 years of age and older the dose of ertapenem for injection in patients 13 years of age and older is 1 gram ( g) given once a day [ see clinical pharmacology ( 12. this dosing reflects its half- life of about 4 days. 2 times the human expos.

difficulty breathing or swallowing. uk/ leaflets | registered charity no. ann dermatol venereol. if you are using a prefilled syringe, an automatic injection device, or a vial that has been refrigerated, place the syringe, device, or vial on a flat surface and allow it warm to room temperature for 15- 30 minutes before you are ready to inject the medication. enthalpy of atomization is the amount of enthalpy change when a compound' s bonds are broken and the component atoms are separated into individual atoms. etanercept is used alone or with other medications to relieve the symptoms of certain autoimmune disorders ( conditions in which the immune system attacks healthy parts of the body and causes pain, swelling, and damage) including:. interaction with valproic acid.

it is ideal for use in a bridging elisa to develop pharmacokinetic ( pk) assays to measure free drug, and is suitable as a surrogate positive control or calibrator in an anti- drug antibody ( ada) assay. originally etanercept was approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but has subsequently been approved to treat several other conditions. etanercept bio- similar. sie können auch stabil oder instabil sein, abhängig davon, ob sich elektronen in den bindenden molekülorbitalen oder den antibindenden molekülorbitalen befinden. the developmental and health benefits of breastfeeding should be considered along with the mother’ s clinical need for ertapenem for injection and any potential adverse effects on the breastfed infant from ertapenem for injection or from the underlying maternal condition. it does not inhibit the binding of etanercept to tnfα. co- administration of probenecid with ertapenem is not recommended.

do not stop using etanercept without talking to your doctor. check that the expiration date has not passed and that the liquid is clear and colorless. 1 model in this collection. do not try to warm the medication by heating it in a microwave, placing it in hot water, or through any other method. no specific information is available on the treatment of overdosage with ertapenem for injection.

the liquid may contain small white particles, but should not contain large or colored particles. seizure potential [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. infusion solutions to concentrations of mg/ ml. inject the missed dose as soon as you remember it. blurred vision, eye pain, red- green color blindness, or any loss of vision ( more common with high doses). it binds to both free etanercept and to etanercept bound to tnfα and can therefore be used in a bridging elisa to develop pk assays to detect total drug ( free, bound or partially bound). etanercept injection may cause other side effects. the concentration of ertapenem in ethen überlappenden atomorbitale breast milk from 5 lactating. it binds to both free etanercept and to etanercept bound to tnfα.

table 2presents prophylaxis guidelines for ertapenem for injection. do not shake a syringe, automatic injection device, or vial that contains etanercept. some reported associated conditions may or may not be related to etanercept. sie sind der zweite bindungstyp, der sich nach der sigma- bindung innerhalb eines moleküls bildet. you will receive your first dose of etanercept injection in a doctor' s office. is there a new brand of etanercept called benepali? for diatomic molecules, enthalpy of atomization is equal to the enthalpy of bond dissociation. use getproperty " modelinfo" or getproperty " auxiliaryinfo" to inspect them. read the written instructions that come with etanercept injection before you inject the medication. 6 mev of energy in the cylindrical chamber.

however, you should not combine the contents of two or more vials of etanercept injection to make a complete dose. for example: atomization of methane molecule. these experiences have occurred most commonly in patients with cns disorde. etanercept injection may help control your condition but will not cure it. ch 4 ( g) → c ( g) + 4h ( g) δ a h 0 = 1665. - maximum dose: 50 mg subcutaneously once a week. etanercept was originally available only under the brand name enbrel. 9% sodium chloride solution, practically insoluble in ethanol, and insoluble in isopropyl acetate and tetrahydrofuran.

duration of therapy: 7 to 14 days. the enthalpy change of atomization of gaseous h 2 o is, for example, the sum of the ho– h and h– o bond dissociation enthalpies. n ganzzahlige werte sind die quantenzahlen. 3 months to 12 years of age the dose of ertapenem for injection in patients 3 months to 12 years of age is 15 mg/ kg twice daily ( not to exceed 1 g/ day). thus longer wavelength ( lower energy) radiation required for the transition. licensed use: for in vitro research purposes and for commercial applications for the provision of in vitro testing services to support preclinical and clinical drug development. chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy ( cidp) is an autoimmune disease that targets myelin sheaths and schwann cells. these reactions are more likely to occur in individuals with a history of sensitivity to multiple allergens. during clinical investigations in adult patients treated with ertapenem for injection ( 1 g once a day), seizures, irrespective of drug relationship, occurred in 0. call your doctor if you have signs of infection ( fever, cough, night sweats, pale skin, bruising or bleeding, loss of appetite, weight loss, feeling very tired). see full list on drugs.

do not inject into an area where the skin is tender, bruised, red, hard, or where there are scars or stretch marks. this medication is known as a carbapenem- type antibiotic. gov/ safety/ medwatch) or by phone. however, you should not flush this medication down the toilet. sigma- bindungen werden oft durch die kombination von s orbitalen in verschiedenen atomen gebildet, während pi- bindungen aus der kombination von p und ähnlichen orbitalen in verschiedenen atomen gebildet werden. going from ( r) - alromellal through znbr2 ( lewis acid catalysis) to isopulegol through h2/ ni tomenthol. it does not bind to p75 ( soluble tnfr2) or to human igg1.

if you have mixed a vial of etanercept powder with the provided liquid, you may store the solution in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. thus, blocking the action of tnf alpha with etanercept may worsen or increase the occurrence of infections. please, don' t forget to hit t. tense, hot skin over affected joints. case reports in the literature have shown that co- administration of carbapenems, including ertapenem, to patients receiving valproic acid or divalproex sodium results in a reduction in valproic acid concentrations. development of drug- resistant bacteria [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. if you have psoriasis, do not inject into skin that is red, thick, raised, or scaly. - adult patients with diabetic foot infections received up to 28 days of treatment ( parenteral or parenteral.

- greater than or equal to 63 kg: 50 mg subcutaneously once a week. patients can choose from one of three injection speeds based on their comfort level and can switch the sound on or off. see full list on esdifferent. enbrel® ( etanercept) is a soluble form of the tumor necrosis factor ( tnf) receptor, designed to bind specifically to tnf and block its interaction with cell surface tnf receptors. the empirical formula is c22h24n3o7sna, and its structural formula is: ertapenem sodium is a white to off- white hygroscopic, weakly crystalline powder. preserve is a two- period multi- center trial in patients with moderately active rheumatoid arthritis ( ra) who achieved disease activity score ( das) 28 low disease activity ( lda) or clinical remission on combination. the following are described in greater detail in the warnings and precautions section. the anti- etanercept inhibitory antibody binds to the p75 subunit of etanercept and blocks the binding of etanercept to its target, tumor necrosis factor alpha ( tnfα). business wire) - - thousand oaks, calif. due to the use of lidocaine hcl as a diluent, ertapenem for injection administered intramuscularly is contraindicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to local anesthetics of the amide type.

ertapenem is present in human milk ( see data). first reusable autoinjector in all enbrel approved indications. 5) and clinical studies ( 14. intramuscular administration of ertapenem for injection may be used as an alternative to intraveno. 7) ] and transfer to 50 ml 0. seizures and other central nervous system ( cns) adverse experiences have been reported during treatment with ertapenem for injection [ see adverse reactions ( 6. there have been reports of individuals with a history of penicillin hypersensitivity who have experienced severe hypersensitivity reactions when treated with another beta- lactam.

you may store the vial of etanercept injection for up to 14 days after you mix it if there is enough medication remaining for a complete dose. sein formelzeichen ist meist φ { \ \ displaystyle \ \ varphi } oder ψ { \ \ displaystyle \ \ psi }. [ article in french] sparsa a( 1). anti- tnf drugs, such as etanercept, block tnf and reduce inflammation. * for biologic use in ethen überlappenden atomorbitale moderate to severe rheumatoid. talk to your pharmacist or contact your local garbage/ recycling department to learn about take- back programs in your community. trotz ihrer gemeinsamkeiten gibt es wichtige unterschiede. in rheumatoid arthritis and some other inflammatory conditions, too much of a protein called tnf is ethen überlappenden atomorbitale produced by the immune system. treatment ertapenem for injection is indicated for the treatment of adult patients and pediatric patients ( 3 months of age and older) with the following moderate to severe infections caused by susceptible isolates of the designated microorganisms [ see dosage and administration ( 2) ]. when culture and susceptibility information are available, they should be considered in selecting or modifying antibacterial therapy. if you' ve ever had hepatitis b, using etanercept can cause this virus to become active or get worse.

sigma- bindungen sind die ersten bindungen zwischen atomen innerhalb von molekülen, während pi- bindungen die zweite sind. etanercept is given by subcutaneous administration at a dose of 25 mg twice a week. zusätzlich wird die orientierung von überlappenden orbitalen, die pi- bindungen bilden, senkrecht zu der von überlappenden orbitalen sein, die sigma- bindungen bilden. learn more about the mechanism of action for enbrel. if there is enough medication left in the vial for a complete dose, place the vial in the refrigerator as soon as possible, but no later than 4 hours after you mix ethen überlappenden atomorbitale it. laboratory tests [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. clinical features include weakness, sensory loss, ataxia and pain.

( nyse: pfe) today announced results of the second and final period of the preserve trial. # invanz may be administered by intravenous infusion for up to 14 days or intramuscular injection for up to 7 days. 01% eyedrops audrey chia, franzco, phd, 1, 2 qing- shu lu, phd, 3, 4 donald tan, frcs, frcophth1, 2, 4, 5. sequence defined, well characterized reagents with secure supply 5.

sigma- bindungen und pi- bindungen basieren beide auf spezifischen molekülorbitalen, die sich aus der überlappung bestimmter atomorbitale ergeben, zum beispiel s - orbitale von sigma- bindungen und p orbitale im falle von pi- bindungen. 8 mg/ kg subcutaneously once a week. elektronen, die sigma- bindungen bilden, werden in dem raum entlang der achse verteilt, die die verbundenen kerne verbindet, während elektronen innerhalb von pi- bindungen oberhalb und unterhalb der achse, aber nicht entlang derselben verteilt sind. ertapenem for injection is not recommended in infants under 3 months of age. purpose: the stability of ertapenem sodium in various commonly used i. atomorbitale werden durch quantenzahlen charakterisiert, und jedes atomorbital kann zwei elektronen mit entgegengesetzten spins aufnehmen.

to protect young children from poisoning, always lock safety caps and immediately place the medication in a safe location one that is up and away and out of their sight and reach. it is important to keep all medication out of sight and reach of children as many containers ( such as weekly pill minders and those for eye drops, creams, patches, and inhalers) are not child- resistant and young children can open them easily. recombinant production, stringent quality control for batch to batch consistency 6. 3 months to 12 years: 15 mg/ kg iv or im twice a day. this causes inflammation, pain and damage to your joints. chemically, ertapenem for injection is described as [ 4r- [ 3( 3s*, 5s* ), 4α, 5β, 6β( r* ) ] ] - 3- [ [ 5- [ [ ( 3- carboxyphenyl) amino] carbonyl] - 3- pyrrolidinyl] thio] hydroxyethyl) - 4- methyl- 7- oxo- 1- azabicyclo[ 3. hypersensitivity reactions [ see warnings and precautions ( 5.

case reports in the literature have shown that co- administration of carbapenems, including ertapenem, to patients receiving valproic acid or divalproex sodium results in a reduction of valproic acid concentrations. treatment regimen. a simple model is adopted in which all of the trapped. numbness and tingling, burning pain.

caution with intramuscular administration [ see warnings and precautions ( 5. five- year clinical trial on atropine for the treatment of myopia 2 myopia control with atropine 0. bonding orbitals in ethylene ( ethene) sp.

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